Current Report No. 14/2017

Date of Preparation: 20 February 2017

Subject: Announcement of the intention to hold a public subscription for eurobonds issued by ENERGA Finance AB (publ)

Legal Basis: Article 17 Section 1 of the Market Abuse Regulation – confidential information.

The Management Board of ENERGA SA (“Company”) hereby reports that on 20 February 2017 the Company’s subsidiary ENERGA Finance AB (publ) announced its intention to hold a public subscription for eurobonds issued within the framework of its updated Euro Medium Term Notes Program (“EMTN Program”). Depending on the conditions prevailing on the market, the planned issue will be for a minimum par value of EUR 250 million with a maturity of 10-12 years and will be placed in Q1 2017. The funds obtained through the issue will be used to cover the ENERGA Group’s general corporate needs. Following the issue, the eurobonds will be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

ENERGA SA will act as the guarantor in accordance with the updated deed of guarantee for ENERGA Finance AB (publ) entered into in 2012 for a total par value of EUR 1.25 billion until 31 December 2033.

The EMTN Program, originally established in 2012, has been modified due to the need for updating the data describing the ENERGA Group and the parameters defining possible future issues.